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The Beginning....

Hopefully this blog post won't sound like the crazy ramblings of .....well, a crazy woman. But I feel like I need to blow some steam. Who am I angry with you ask? Myself. I have not been living the life that I want to live and for a long time (like forever) I placed the blame on other people. And while I can't deny that other people have definitely effed me over throughout the years, I'm growing and I can recognized that I am really the root of all evil in this diva's life. I am not ashamed to admit that this year I have suffered from a disturbing bout of depression. I've been more of a sulker and a dreamer than a doer which is not a part of my usually fabulous character. Since become a mother, I have created a yearly to-do list each year which has keep me somewhat focused and determined to accomplish goals. This year I was so depressed that I said bump it and let life control me. Now I know I know better than that. So with the end of 2011 fast approaching I'm