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Don't let the grapevine in any organization get the best of you.  I'm not going to pretend like we're not all human and haven't speculated/discussed the going ons with our peers, but in work,  church,  school and home;  only believe what you KNOW. It's true that a lot of times where there's smoke there'll be flames but again only believe what you know.  Gossiping and hearsay might be keeping you from your blessing. It may be the reason you're not getting ahead at work.  Sure sometimes the tea may be served steaming hot, right on the money and right on time but more often than not the tea can be cold, not even close to the truth, facts blown out of proportion. Or the tea may not even be tea at all. It could be just BS. The saying "If they gossip with you , they'll certainly gossip I about you" is true. You can't really trust anyone when it comes to gossiping. A lot of times rumors, thoughts, and hearsay just come out during casual c