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BOOK REVIEW: Find Your Extraordinary

I recently read  Find Your Extraordinary: Dream Bigger, Live Happier, and Achieve Success on Your Own Terms   by   Jessica DiLullo Herrin   (Author) I really enjoyed  Find Your Extraordinary.  The book was very inspiring and has helped my realized that there's no need to wait around for something to click; instead I should go out and make the click. Instead of waiting for something extraordinary, find YOUR extraordinary. I breezed through this book and have recommended to several friends and co-workers. It is well written and thought provoking.

2 New Weight Loss Tips

So, I recently started using to new nutrient based things to help me in my weight loss journey. I haven't really been taking them long enough to give you guys any final results but I would like to go ahead and let you know what they are and how I fell about them so far. I've been taking them for a week now. The first is Gymnema Sylvestre and it is a natural herb that helps regulate blood sugar and curbs your cravings for sugar. Now, I am a sugar addict! I mean if I had my way I'd have a pastry (or 2) for breakfast, something sweet for lunch and something sweet with dinner not to mention juices and sugar based snacks throughout the day. I mean I've got it bad. Now I'm starting to think the Gymnema Sylvestre is working because I purchased a bundtlet from Nothing Bundt Cakes Tuesday and it is DELICIOUS...but I've only managed to eat a third of it. I've had it for 2 days already. NO WAY IN HELL is this normal for me! So I think this one is working.

Book Review:The Deleted Emails of Hillary Clinton - A Parody by John Moe

The Deleted Emails of Hilary Clinton is hilarious! These fake emails are probably more similar to the actual emails than we realize. While I understand the big deal surrounding Clinton's use of a personal server to conduct White House business, I think we assume a little bit earlier than we needed to without known the severity of the information contained in the emails. I really enjoyed reading the book. I recommend it for a lite and easy read.  I received a copy of this book for free via in exchange for my honest opinion.  Latina R. Sheard

Man Trouble the Movie: If The World Were a Perfect Place

If the world were a perfect place and my book fell into the right hands and they loved it and wanted to turn it into a BIG budget film; well, here are my demands. Here is the imaginary cast to the imaginary film: Man Trouble - The Movie.  ' Sanaa Lathan as Sylvia Nia Long as Patricia  Gabrielle Union as Valerie Keke Palmer as Simone Amber Riley as Kenya Jackie Long as Ellis Drake as John Jason Weaver as Kenya's Boyfriend/John's Friend Lauren London as CHarle's Mistress Wesley Jonothan as Patricia's Booty Call Mehki Phiffer as Charles Michael B. Jordan as James T.I. as James Jr.  O'Shea Jackson as Marcus Justin Beiber as 'White Boy' Pooch Hall as Kenya's Abuser Taquan Richards as Dre So there you have it! What do you think?

Everything Happens for a Reason

My Afghan

So I was working on a crochet infinity scarf when one of my co-workers asked if I would teach her to crochet. Of course, I said YES! So that somehow turned into a group/staff crochet project. Some of the after school kids saw us crocheting and decided that they wanted to learn so now I have a crochet club! And I'm overjoyed about it! Anyway, some people are working on afghans and some are working on scarves. I"m working on n a blanket using 5 skeins of yarn that I've had for about 10 years now....5 won't be enough for the entire thing so I had to match up and purchase 2 skeins of coordinated colors. My original yarn is a multi-color so it wasn't too hard to find matching yarn since I have about 5 colors to choose from. Anyway, below are pics of what I've done so far. We started March 1st and I'm so excited about it! I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.  FYI: crocheting is so relaxing for me. Do any of you guys craft? If so what is your go to cra

Black Soap Skin Care Day 1

So I purchased some black soap from YER OWN SKIN last month and I started using it this morning. Here's my "before" face. I have some discoloration from past acne and even after using prescription face creams, my skin is still not as smooth as I want it to be. I'm going document my journey here on my blog. #StayTuned .

Dating With Kids: The Beginning

Hey y’all! I really hope that 2016 has been good to you thus far. I haven’t posted in FOREVER. I’ve let time get away from me, but writing is my relaxation and I vow to relax more often. So Anyway – let me jump right into my first post of 2016 and my first post in a looooooong ass time! So….I have a boo. Yea, yea more on that in a future post. But let me tell you guys dating is already scary but dating with kids is super scary because it’s not just my life that I might be messing up. So I’m not going to sit her and lie and say that I took all of these things into account before I started my current relationship but these things have been on my list of ‘must haves’ for a while. Back up back up, now I haven’t dated in FOREVER! I haven’t been in a relationship since 2003. Listen, believe what I tell you and ignore the fact that I have a 9-year-old son. Ha, that too is yet another post. (He was created in the beginnings of a relationship reboot that didn’t fully reboot due to lies and o