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Cut Off the Pinkie To Save the Hand....

      When I walk up in the piece, I ain't gotta even speak I'm a bad mamajama goddammit ************ you ain't gotta like me I aint studying these hoes, Need to talk what you know And stop talking bout who I'm sticking and licking jus mad it ain't yours I know ya'll poor ya'll broke, Ya'll job jus hanging up clothes Step to me get burnt like toast,Mutha****as adios amigos Halves halves wholes wholes, I don't brag I mostly boast          Okay, so maybe Missy's lyrics do not apply to my situation or to my life period. However, GOSSIP FOLKS are fucking up my life lately. Well not really. Maybe adding stress to certain parts of my life but really to tell the truth it's only effecting about 5% of my life. ANYWHO - the thing that has bothered me the most is a certain individual who has been a part of my life for a couple of years now. I have trusted this individual with information and asked them not to say anything only to find out