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T.I. Tuesday!

    I've been wanting to honor my boo, the King of the South, TIP, T.I, Clifford, Chief of Hustle Gang, Boss at Grand Hustle; Kaaaaaaaaaaaang Pimpin himself! So I've decide to start #TITuesday. You can count on a T.I. post here at Thoughts of a Diva EVERY Tuesday ( that I remember ).     To get us started, here's 24's the first single that some of y'all may remember (I've been down since the first album I'm Serious.   When TIP hit the big time/mainstream he was featured in the long since forgotten Bone Crusher's Never Scared. THAT verse put the spot light on KING T.I.   Noooooo, I ain't bad, just don't kiss no ass or take shit And I'm a grown man, find you somebody to play wit If you'on like me when you see me, betta not say shit I'll choke yo ass out like Dre did that bitch You betta tell these pussies they ain't fuckin wit no rookie I'm a Bankhead nigga, I'll take yo cookiez! So don't make it