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Diva Tunes: Episode by E-40 ft. T.I. & Chris Brown

E-40 is back? Chris Brown look fed and sane? T.I. being T.I.? Oh yeah....I think we have a hit on our hands!

Video is NSFW!

What do you think? What's your current fave song?

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About Me

Because I haven't posted in a while AND I've been on a quest to get new readers, I thought I'd post a fun little about me Questionnaire. I hope you enjoy it.

About Me Name:Latina Renee
Age: 34
Relationship status: Single (but married to T.I. in my head)
Height: 5 feet and 6 ½ inches
Weight: Too much! Ask me again in 6 months!
Shoe size: 9 ½
Hair color: Naturally, Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Boyfriend’s name:N/A

MovieLove & Basketball and A Walk in the Clouds TV show:Girlfriends
Song:I LOVE music so I could never choose a FAVE
Book:I LOVE to read also, so …can’t pick a fave.
Person:Zykina Taylor! I love that girl. She keeps me sane.
Celebrity:Clifford “T.I.” Harris AND Oprah Winfrey
Video game:Super Mario Brothers
Social media:Facebook
Animal:I’m not an animal person
Thing to do:Be Happy