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ABC Confessions

I always like to do these but I don't necessarily like to have it on my Facebook timeline so here you go my ABC Confessions. I'll confess my ABC's A- Age: 35 - Biggest Fear: Never finding my soulmate C- Current Time: 9:17 p.m.  D- Drink you last had: Apple Crown w/ Ginger Ale  E- Easiest Person To Talk to:  I don't know anymore....he hasn't been replaced yet.  F- Favorite Song: Come with Me by Sammie G- Grossest Memory: IDK...I don't participate in gross things H- Hometown: Little Rock I- In love with:  That's funny J- Jealous Of: Oprah K- Killed Someone? No! L- Longest Relationship: 5 years - over 10 years ago.  M- Middle Name: Renee N- Number of Siblings: 7...that I know of (thanks dad) O- One Wish: Total happines P- Person who you last called: Zykina Q- Question you're always asked: You Peggy's daughter?  R- Reason to smile: I'm living S- Song you last sang: Flex (oh oh) T- Time you woke up: I'm on vacation...I ha

Jumpstarting with Detoxing

Today I started the Iaso tea. No offense to anyone selling the tea but I'm really trying to get away from fad type diets and learn to live healthy. I tried Omnitrition and was really disappointed because the person who signed me up has loss a TON of weight and I couldn't lose more than 10 or 12 eating on 500 calories a day! I think it's a mental thing. Anyway I'm going to do the Iaso tea which is NOT a weight loss tea as much as it's a detox tea. Detoxing hasn't worked well for me in the past either. Like my body doesn't respond well to the different products I've used. I'm hoping the Iaso tea will at least 'loosen' things up for me and then I'm going to follow up with Nature's Secret 7-Day Ultimate Cleanse. I've procrastinated (as usual) and now I need to lose at least 10 lbs in 19 days! I want to look at least a bit sleeker for my book release party. I also set some small goals and I hope that'll help me by not seeming