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Dating as a Single Parent

I'm single, I know. So as I write this post please know that I know that things happen and we never 'really' know what we'd do in certain situations until we are, of course, placed in those situations. Also, if you are a friend, relative, or someone who knows me and you feel some kind a way about this post rest assured I'm not talking about you. My posts are always about me, my life, my viewpoints. Now, you may be indeed a part of my life which means you have some amount of influence as to the things  I've seen, heard and know about but trust and believe you alone have not been the inspiration for the post. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't add that you you're feeling some kind of way about what I'm about to say then maybe you need to evaluate your life and your priorities. Shall we continue? Now, as I was saying I am single. I've been a parent for 12 years now and as I look by I've been single the majority of that time. When I grip

Weight Loss Woes: January Check-In

                   So I'm still attempting to lose weight. I'm motivated but I'm not motivated. I can eat healthy or at least within my calorie range (thanks to MyFitnessPal) it's just the motivation to do exercise that's holding me back. Simply watching my caloric intake has helped maintain my current weight and even manage to shed a few pounds so I know that introducing exercise will really give me the push I need.           I really like to walk, but with it being winter time and my work schedule being 9-6 I don't really have time. It doesn't get light earlier enough for me to feel safe walking in the morning and have enough time to get dressed for work on time and it doesn't stay light long enough for me to walk after work.  I need to just focus and get going doing something.              Not having a car has hampered me some too because I can't go to a gym or to the Big Dam Bridge where there would be people after work. I think I'

My Issue With Scandal

I do not own this photo. Understand?       Every Thursday night my Twitter feed and Facebook Timeline is basically raped and murdered by tweets and posts about the ABC show Scandal created by Shonda Rimes and starring Kerry Washington and Columbus Short.       Now before I go any further - I want it to be understood that I LIKE the show. I'm a watcher, a follower even. I try to keep up with each weeks episode and I even anticipate what's going to happen next. However, I haven't caught the fever and gone completely bat shit crazy like everyone else seems to have done. I mean last night I even saw an Instagram post about the show. I mean really? All three of my fave social networking sites have now been victimized by the craze.      I just don't see what all the hype is about. First off, the show is beyond unrealistic. On last night's episode the girl that set Huck up was committing all kinds of security breaches on the White House grounds and we all know th

Buy the Cow or Nawl?

The old saying warns us “He’s not going to buy the cow, if you give him the milk for free”. And while I’ve seen this proven on numerous occasions, it seems to me that a new saying would better describe dating in today’s world. How about “Men would rather drink substandard milk, than invest the proper time and effort in a good decent breed of cow” In case you can’t decipher that let me explain. I’ve watched guys settle for and then later listened to them complain about women in their lives who have disappointed them to say the least. For example, I have a male friend who by all accounts is a solid guy. He’s attractive, god fearing, educated, humorous, hard working and genuinely caring. But when it comes to choosing a girl can’t help but assume he’s got more than one screw loose. I remember him once telling me about a woman he was dating and why he had to let her go. The conversation went something like this: “So why did you two break-up?” “She couldn’t tell me what she as