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#100BlogPosts-Post #3: 834 Page Views in One Day?

Okay so nothing major here....Just a reported 834 page views on a RANDOM day. This is either a fluke in the statistics gathering mechanism or someone is completing stalking The blog only has 60 posts (including this one) so this is weird and flattering. Oh well, carry on with your lives.

#100BlogPosts - Post #2: Latina's Perfect Snuggly Boo

I was sorting through a box I found in the back of my closet and found this piece of paper that I'd written 10 things that make the PERFECT snuggly boo (BAE, boyfriend, boo, lovebug,etc.) It was apparently written a while ago but the things on my list remain the same. These are in no particular order.  Must have a belief system including morals and values that are compatible to mine . He can't worship the devil, he can't belong to a cult, he can't be so devoted to his religion that he despises me if I miss a Sunday (and trust me I will miss a Sunday or two....or three). As long as he knows that I'm a good person and I always try to choose right over wrong and I know the same about him...we're good. #TeamGoodGuys Must be cute (to me).  If you were to look at the guys I've dated/pined for you will see that they have few, if any, physical characteristics in common. I don't care if other people think they're cute or not. I've dated