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#100BlogPosts - Post # 7: MCM Jesse Williams

If you recall from my post back in 2012 Jesse Williams was way at the bottom of my celebrity boo list . He was number 11 of 12. The only person lower than him was Rick Ross (Da Bawse). Oh what a difference time makes. Jesse has moved all the way up the list to #2 (no one beats T.I. though he lost some points in these last two years but more on that later). See in the last two years I've learned a few things about Mr. Williams. First I found out he has a regular pretty (and a bit plush at times) wife Mrs. Aryn Drake-Lee.  Then I found out how very intelligent he is and his passion for the Mike Brown situation in Ferguson just did it for me. He was even out in the streets of Ferguson talking to people and hugging folks! #swoon.  He's fearless. He is a black man first and an actor second and I LOVE IT! T.I.better watch out. Jesse is coming for his spot. Oh...and he used to be a teacher. In another life we were married...I just know it.

#100BlogPosts - Post# 6: Maybe They're Seeing Something We Don't Darling....

  What does it mean when almost every one who knows the both of think you're either currently dating, have dated or should date? Do they see something the two of you have missed or are in denial about or are they just misreading the signals of really close friends? It's a male/female friendship won't people find something to talk about anyway?  What do you think?

#100BlogPosts - Post # 5: Is He Flirting? (Don't Be Weird)

       If you know me then you know that I don't get males. Like at ALL! They are so weird to me and that's coming from someone who grew up with 2 brothers and is now raising 2 sons. I mean I get along with them...some of my best friends are male (ha); but when it comes to romance with the opposite sex and I am completely lost. So let me ask you guys what you think.          So there's this guy that I kind of sort of know and I think he likes me OR he thinks I like him and finds it humorous.  I can be very friendly and playful (usually out of nervousness/shyness) when I meet a person and I guess that can be mistaken for flirtation but I don't think I've been that nice to him. I hardly ever see him. But when I do see him, if he's with this one friend in particular they act really strange together.      For example, they once approached me about nothing. That sounds weird because it is weird. They came to my job (a public library) and seemingly forced a

#100BlogPosts - Post #4: Lovers and Friends.

       So today one of my Facebook friends shared an article about loving someone you can never be with. It was an interesting read and made me think of a situation that I am in. Not a situation where I am necessarily in love with a person that I can never be with so much so as not even knowing if you and the other person can ever be together. What happens to love deferred? If you click with someone and there's not just the click but also a spark between the two of you but for one reason or another you NEVER even get to go out on a date what happens. I mean I guess in some situations you won't necessarily talk to the person again but in my situation I do still talk to the person. We have a decent enough friendship but a part of me wonders if we're really good friends or are we holding on to this in limbo relationship in hopes that one day our situations will change and we can give it a shot.      I kind of want to have him court me (although he kind of a