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Equality is Not Always Justice

This pic came across my Facebook feed the other day and MAN did it speak to me. It's deep. On the for real, for real. I mean you can't just look at it but you have to LOOK at it. To me, people are always complaining about what the next person is getting. It's like STFU! You are not #winning if you are competing against those who didn't start out on the same level as you or have not have been afforded the opportunities as you. Why do we even feel the need to WIN against the next person? You can't just win to be winning. Or win to help the next person win? Or at least come in second! If you don't need a  handout stop sticking your damn hand out! We as a people are too scared to help the next person because of the fear that they may become better than we are. In other words, equality is bullshit; justice is what's up.