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Am I Petty?

    I'm not a petty person by definition. Usually. But a thought crossed my mind after going through a situation with a certain somebody that was so petty it shocked me that I'd even had the thought. I'm still on the fence about taking action on this thought so I thought I'd bring it to my blog readers (though quiet, I know ya'll are out there...I see my stats) and Facebook to help me decide.     Before I can present you with the actual question I need to provide you with a little background.   First, I wrote a book. A cute little non fiction number about 5 women and a beauty shop. I've been writing this book for about 2 years. Not because it was that difficult to write but because I'm a perpetual procrastinator and I foolishly yet wholeheartedly believe that I work best under pressure.   Okay. So a few months ago I decided to toss out my procrastinator way of life and just finish the damn book already! I started working on the book like

Weight Loss Update - August 2014

    So I'm back on Weight Watchers. MFP just doesn't work for me. Weight Watchers does the trick. Since rejoining on the 9th of August (I think...) I've lost about 10 lbs. I say about because my weight tends to fluctuate between 5-10 lbs daily...I'm not joking. I hate it. Anyway, I've also started a waling regime with some co-workers and because of that I can tell that I'm losing inches. I don't keep track of inch measurement...maybe I should start...but there have been several indications.   1. My watch is loose. It used to pinch my wrist now I have a little sliding action. 2. My maxi dresses/skirts are longer, I'm assuming it's because there's less of my wideness taking up the material. 3. My shirts hang more loosely. I wish my pants would be looser but hey, I'll take what I can get. 4. A few people have told me my face appears slimmer. IDK. I can kind of tell but not really. 5. My shoes are bigger on my feet.   Here