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Working on My 40 Before 40

 Okay so recently I composed a list of 40 things that I want to do before I turn 40. One of those things was start a YouTube channel. There are tons of YouTube channels and popular people already. the reason that I want to start my channel is because there are often times that I search for things and there isn't a video available on that topic or it's not done in the best way that I think possible. So I figured that my opinion matters. It is also a way for me to build confidence. I've always been a shy person and for me to regularly post videos of myself is one way that I feel I can overcome some of that shyness and build a little self confidence. The video that I posted is my review of 3 bundles of Brazilian body wave hair that I ordered from and 3 pair of gorgeous earrings that I ordered from Anyway - Check out my video here. Remember, this is my VERY FIRST video so please, be nice!

Support? Anyone, Anyone at All?

I am a very supportive person. Mainly because I've never been a jealous person. If I have a friend who is selling something or starting some sort of new endeavor I try to always be there for them. Yet, I've found myself surrounded by people who aren't as supportive as I am. This is so very frustrating to me because the people I think should be front row and center to support me are only people who I have done things for in the past. But time and time again I find out that y friends and even some family members just aren't the supportive type. I started a group called Diva's Connection which has three main goals: 1. Socialize (Visit our MeetUp site HERE ) 2. Network (I'm a small business owner and I want to connect with other small business owners my business but also to help other women entrepreneurs grow their businesses) and 3. Mentor (a DC jr. group is coming soon). DC is 58 members strong and I know 3 of the divas personally. 1 of them I created the prof

Week In Review

So I'm in Texas for a little Rest & Relaxation. I'll be here until my BFF gets married October 6, at which time I will return to Little Rock (hopefully via my new vehicle) to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I am actually on a 2-4 month leave from my job so I'll still have at least 1 more month off to get my mind right. That's an entirely different post tho. Anyway - back to my crazy week  in review: Sunday:This is the day I flew from Little Rock to Dallas. My Male BFF drove me to the airport and he's was just great as usual. Anyway. I knew I had a lot of baggage but I didn't know that there is a weight limit when flying with Southwest Airlines  - My bag was 21 lbs over the allotted $50 lbs so I had to pay an additional $50 in my hard earned cash right there on the spot. Once I landed in the D - I had a hard time finding my big ass bags because nobody explained to me that they wouldn't be on the regular baggage claim whirl-a-twirl so I sat there l

No Losers Please

Just recently, I dated a loser, I can tell you more about that in a later blog post I have planned. But anyway - one day I was chilling with said loser and he needed me to help him set up his 'new' touch screen phone. While I was trying to log into his Facebook page he received a text from another girl that read "Hey sweaty - what's up" It's funny because I wasn't mad and because I am pretty sure that this wasn't a case of auto-correct madness. This heifer really spelled SWEETIE wrong and I saw the previous texts to prove this. Unless there was some sort of inside joke that made it okay for her to affectionately call him sweaty, the fact that he was either a. oblivious to the fact that she wasn't spelling her chosen term of endearment correctly or b. He wasn't offended about being called sweaty. Either way - I realized he was an idiot. Have you ever been involved in a situation or with a person and had an awakening that made you realize