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Throw Back Thursday

Okay I've been wanting to do this but I always get sidetracked----Here's the first Throw Back Thursday Jam!

I Used to Be....

I used to be, for the most part, a serious grudge holder. I mean when someone would do something, anything negative to me I would completely cut them off. Of course because of my nature I was always very vocal about 1. What they did, 2. Why it upset me 3. What I think they could have done instead and 4. What our relationship would be like from that point forward. I look back now and I imagine that I must have seemed like a crazy woman telling people that we were done and then explaining to them in great deal why and the consequences. Kind of like a parent scolding a toddler. I think the reason why I get so hurt when people do me wrong is because I am a very very caring and generous person who does NOT wear their heart on their sleeve. Usually people tend to think that I am void of emotions. This always makes me laugh because I am an emotional mess. But, I’m not very vocal about this until I feel that I can completely trust you and that you will regard my feelings as serious muthaf

Let Me Tell Y'all about This Jackass!

Don't Get Caught Slippin' Okay so I met this guy, we’ll call him John – because that’s his name (no I’m not scared and yes I will put you out there)   Anyway John and I talked for a   few weeks, maybe a month; just texting after the initial exchange of numbers. Not dates, no sex, no pressure, nothing serious. This was back in maybe September of last year. After this kind of died off for whatever reason (I don’t know I wasn’t pressed because I met someone else who I liked better and started dating him) I didn’t even think about John even though I thought he was a rather cool guy. Well, fast forward to February 2013, and in comes a text from John. By this time I was talking to the other guy or anyone for that matter so I was like oh cool, here’s a text from John. And because I’m a G I’m going to give y’all the entire transcript ….well, the important parts. Check it: 2/2/13 Him: Hey Latina Me: Who is this? Him: John, we met……. Me: Oh, What’s up? Long time no hea