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Cut Off the Pinkie To Save the Hand....


When I walk up in the piece, I ain't gotta even speak
I'm a bad mamajama goddammit ************ you ain't gotta like me
I aint studying these hoes, Need to talk what you know
And stop talking bout who I'm sticking and licking jus mad it ain't yours
I know ya'll poor ya'll broke, Ya'll job jus hanging up clothes
Step to me get burnt like toast,Mutha****as adios amigos
Halves halves wholes wholes, I don't brag I mostly boast

         Okay, so maybe Missy's lyrics do not apply to my situation or to my life period. However, GOSSIP FOLKS are fucking up my life lately. Well not really. Maybe adding stress to certain parts of my life but really to tell the truth it's only effecting about 5% of my life. ANYWHO - the thing that has bothered me the most is a certain individual who has been a part of my life for a couple of years now. I have trusted this individual with information and asked them not to say anything only to find out later that they damn near broke their necks to repeat it!

          At first I didn't want to believe it because this person puts on a front like they do not lead this type of life plus I genuinely wanted to like this person. So as I test there were several times that I feed this person information and waited for it to come back to me and it did so I cut them off. In my opinion THEY can continue to live a lie and whine about being a victim or not understanding what happened but I refuse to. I'm not gonna act like I don't know that you are a sneaky two-faced so and so. I don't like shit starters, pot stirrers, instigators, gossip mongers or whatever you want to call them. I don't. I'm too trusting of a person to have people who do not mean me well in my circle. And for some people the thrill of being involved in something - ANYTHING be it negative or positive takes over and they forget all about loyalty, honesty, compassion, or anything else that would stop a normal person from attempting to tear down another person. I'm too old for such silliness now.

          And don't get me wrong. I'm not perfect. I've spoken out of turn about matters before and have probably said somethings that would be hurtful to someone else but without out making an excuse I will say that anything I say behind a friend or friend once removed's back is something I would not hesitate saying to their faces. In most cases I've said  to them at least once before I will say it to someone else. I don't go around pretending to care so that I can find something 'run back and tell'

            Also, I can't diagnose anybody but I almost can't even fault this person because I feel like they can't help themselves. Anyway - it was a hard decision that I struggled with for a few months but recent events pointed me in what I believe is the right direction. Gossip and negativity are usually the result of a person's personal unhappiness and I honestly wish happiness upon everyone I come in contact with because if they're happy then that's one less person I have to worry about going nuts and shooting me. #silverlining.

Have you ever had to cut *snip, snip* someone from your life? Please share.



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