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     The word for the day is accountability. Say it with me people a-coun-ta-bi-li-ty…I need some of that in my life. I have so many goals I want to accomplish but I insist on sitting here like a bump on a log letting my dreams stay forever deferred drying up like a raisin in the hot 100 degree Arkansas summer sun. And if I may toot my own horn for just a while I’m too damn smart and talented for such common fuckery. I’ve done a ton of things out of order and I think that holds me back at times and makes my goals seem unattainable but if I don’t do them for myself I have to do them for my sons. So, despite the disdain for this slogan in these social networking streets I am claiming 2014 as my YEAR! The year I will take at least on step (hopefully several steps) in the direction of getting my shit together.

     So every year I create a to-do list of sorts. In 2012 I completed 2 of the 38 tasks I’d assigned myself. Go ahead laugh. I don’t mind, it’s very laughable.  In 2013, I completed 6 of the 31 tasks I assigned myself. Better but still sucky. 2014’s list has 32 items with room for 4 more. I am going to list them below and poste about my progress monthly…I hope.

     I know that I have readers, the stats prove that and I really wish you guys would interact, comment, share, ANYTHING! Just let me know you’re out there. I’m so glad and feel so blessed to have readers/viewers. Tell me what I need to do and write about to keep you guys interested.

Anyway: The list is below:

  1. Maintain Employee Retention
    I can’t go into detail here but there’s a continuous rotation of employees at my workplace and since I’m in charge of hiring and firing I feel like it’s my fault. No one leaves without reason but I want to figure out ways to boost employee morale and all that good stuff. Not sure how I’m going to measure this since I’ve had years without anyone leaving. I guess I’ll base it on the atmosphere of the workplace.
  2. Plan and Implement 10  Successful Programs
    I’m in charge of programming for teens and adults at my library. I want to plan and implement at least 10 programs with 20 people in attendance. At least 3 of these need to be adult programs.
  3. Budget Better for Programs
    I’m not the problem here but I’m in charge of the problem so…gotta be more strict.
  4. Organization at Work
    Most often, my office looks a hot mess. Full of crafts and misc. I want it to look like real manager office…I guess I’m growing up. *Kanye shrug*
  5. Earn $1200 through Simply Unique
    This is dreaming BIG but I’m hoping to do a few events (see #8) which is why I upped the amount so much. Wish me luck.
  6. Blog an Average of 2 Posts per Month
    Here’s #1 for January! Go me.
  7. Maintain an Online Presence
    I want to be a blogger, business woman, writer so I need to connect with the people. I have several twitter handles and FB pages and Instagram accounts that I’ve created and let go to the wayside (did I say that right).
  8. Sale/Promote at 3 Events
  9. 1 Fun Vacation that is not Texas
    I love my family but I work too hard to go to Texas for every ‘vacation’.
  10. Organized Home
    I need a better home first but I want to make the best of a bad situation. The busy are messy and I’m unorganized. HELP!
  11. Maintain a Routine for Boys
    We’re a hot mess here. Absence did not make the heart grow founder…It confused us.
  12. Make Church/Bible Study a Priority
    Honestly, I’m conflicted about church. But I need to get closer to God. Lots of let downs and disappointments have made me a tad bit bitter, unhappy and all around negative. I’m trying to let that GO!
  13. Gain 12 Credit Hours
    Finishing my degree is very important to me. Unfortunately bad decisions make affording college very difficult. I’m already behind because I couldn’t afford to go Spring ’14 semester. #WoeIsMe
  14. Stop Obsessing Over the Unknown
    Jesus take the wheel! I am forever trying to figure out shit I do not know. I need to learn to let go.
  15. Volunteer 20 Hours (1 Pay it Forward =.5 hours)
    Because you get back what you put out.
  16. Lose 60 Pounds
    Because I’m tired of being FAT!
  17. Get All Check-Ups for the Year
    I have health insurance so why not? I’m usually too busy, too tired or too lazy. I’m gonna make this a priority for myself and the kiddos.
  18. Natural Hair Regime to Promote Growth
    I won’t be happy until I have the biggest, disrespectful fro known to man. That or a relaxer and I’m really not about that “this’ll make you look good but may seep into your scalp and give you cancer” life
  19. Consistent Skin Routine
    I have a prescription for my face (finally did that in 2013 but damn it wasn’t on my list) my skin is horrible I’m sure partly due to the fact that my diet is unhealthy. I want to be overall health but I’d be a lie if I said I didn’t want to be fine! I’m a cute girl. It’s hard and depressing to go from getting hollered at all the time to feeling like no one even notices you or even worse…like you don’t want to be noticed.
  20. $1000 in Savings
    Tired of being a #BrokeBitch. #SkinnyWaist #FatPockets
  21. Raise Credit Score by 50 Points
    2 words: Student Loans. Okay 3 more: are the DEVIL.
  22. Start Home Purchasing Course
    Despite my current #BrokeBitch status I do want to own a home one day and there are programs that will assist you. It won’t hurt for me to check one out.
  23. Create Savings Account for Boys
    Try to raise them to not be broke like me.
  24. Stick to Budget
    I think I’ve explained the need to do this clearly. I need to stretch my dollars and get the most bangs for my buck.
  25. Person Appearance of Myself and Boys
    I be leaving the house looking like a microwaved hangover. I have gots to do better. What of prince charming likes plush girls but just doesn’t like girls who don’t comb their hair before going to Wal-Mart.
  26. Take 1 Mommy Only Vacation
    Because I deserve it.
  27. Have 10 ME Days
    ^See above answer.
  28. Publish Man Trouble
    I’ve been writing a book for a million years. I need to finish it because I have so many other books to write. I think once I finish this one I’ll be on a roll.
  29. Read 20 Books
    Doesn’t seem like a lot for a librarian but my life is hectic. So…yeah…don’t judge me.
  30. Host 1 Little Diva’s Event
    I have a future NP titled Diva’s Connection (more about that in a future post) Little Diva’s is our future mentoring group. I want to have 1 introductory type program.
  31. Finish FLY Program Proposal
    I participated in a Community Service Project program a few years back and this is the program I came up with (more later)
  32. Start Plans for LR Cultural Fest
    (Another community service project idea – more info soon) The good thing about this is I did start working on it. The bad news? I stopped.
  33. ___________________________
  34. ___________________________
  35. ___________________________
  36. ___________________________
    Numbers 33-36 may or may not happen. Let’s see how I do on the ones I have decided on so far.

Wish Me Luck!What are you hoping to accomplish in 2014?


  1. Employee retention is an art, not a science, and probably too much of it is out of our control. When I was in charge of Main's pages turnover was crazy for a while and then we would stumble into a balance that would last a long while. Maybe the hiring process can help, & it might not be a bad idea to get some peers together (but not ALL THE PEERS as those monthly get togethers can be too big to get much discussion going) to talk about what works in selecting the best candidate.


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