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About Me

Because I haven't posted in a while AND I've been on a quest to get new readers, I thought I'd post a fun little about me Questionnaire. I hope you enjoy it.

About Me
Name:                                    Latina Renee
Age:                                        34
Relationship status:           Single (but married to T.I. in my head)
Height:                                  5 feet and 6 ½ inches
Weight:                                 Too much! Ask me again in 6 months!
Shoe size:                             9 ½
Hair color:                            Naturally, Dark Brown
Eye color:                             Dark Brown
Boyfriend’s name:             N/A


Movie                                    Love & Basketball and A Walk in the Clouds
TV show:                               Girlfriends
Song:                                     I LOVE music so I could never choose a FAVE
Band:                                     Jodeci
Book:                                     I LOVE to read also, so …can’t pick a fave.
Person:                                  Zykina Taylor! I love that girl. She keeps me sane.
Celebrity:                              Clifford “T.I.” Harris AND Oprah Winfrey
Video game:                        Super Mario Brothers
Color:                                     Purple
Social media:                       Facebook
Animal:                                  I’m not an animal person
Thing to do:                         Be Happy

This or that?

Moon or sun:                      Moon
Happy or sad:                      Happy
Up or down:                        UP
Coke or Pepsi:                     Coke
McDonalds or Burger King:  McDonalds
Black or white:                    Black
Guys or girls:                       Guys
Texting or talking:              Talking


Hug:                                       Kyle Russell
Kiss:                                        J
Text:                                       Portia
Call:                                        Johnny
Picture taken with:            Aaron
Held hand:                           J
You smiled:                          Today
You blushed:                        Wednesday
You cried:                             On my birthday February 1st.
Sang:                                      This Morning… I was Drunk in Love…

Yes or no?
Drugs:                                    Yes, (prescription and OTC)
Alcohol:                                 Yes
Smoke:                                  No
Steal:                                      Yes…hearts
Cheat:                                    No
Self-harm:                            Yes
Want to get married:        YES!
Have kids:                             Yes?!
Get a job:                              Other than the one I have? Hecks NO!
Go to college:                      Yes…and FINISH
Own a house:                      YES!
Abuse:                                   No
Find true love:                     YES


Do you love:                        Everybody in the beginning…
Do you miss:                        My friend…He knows who he is.
Do you want to see:          Lamont – I need to see his face every so often.
Do you want to be with:  My soul mate
Do you want to talk to:    My Granny
Do you want to kiss:          T.I.
Do you want to marry:     My soal mate
Do you want to beat up:  Several people for various reasons…But I’m a lover not a fighter
How to?
Win your heart:                  Show and prove
Make you cry:                     Make me trust you when you know you’re evil
Make you mad:                  Be blissfully idiotic.
Make you scared:              Threats…I’m not about that he/she just playing life.
Make you excited:             Whoa, in what way! Blow on my neck?
Make you blush:                 Discuss my dreams as though you genuinely believe in me.
Make you smile:                 Nothing beats a joke when I least expect it


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