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#100BlogPosts - Post #2: Latina's Perfect Snuggly Boo

I was sorting through a box I found in the back of my closet and found this piece of paper that I'd written 10 things that make the PERFECT snuggly boo (BAE, boyfriend, boo, lovebug,etc.) It was apparently written a while ago but the things on my list remain the same. These are in no particular order. 

Must have a belief system including morals and values that are compatible to mine. He can't worship the devil, he can't belong to a cult, he can't be so devoted to his religion that he despises me if I miss a Sunday (and trust me I will miss a Sunday or two....or three). As long as he knows that I'm a good person and I always try to choose right over wrong and I know the same about him...we're

Must be cute (to me). 
If you were to look at the guys I've dated/pined for you will see that they have few, if any, physical characteristics in common. I don't care if other people think they're cute or not. I've dated guys who are black, white, light skinned, dark skinned, tall, short, skinny, plush, or any combination of the above. And though the picture indicates attraction of ...ahem.. a certain kind I'm not usually physically attracted to someone until I've been stimulated by the mentally. Unless, of course I'm not trying to have a full on relationship with them...

Must like children. 
This is kind of a DUH to me. Of course he must LOVE children, I have TWO! Plus at this age in the game, it'd be great if he brought a couple of his own into the equation to give me the big family that I've always wanted. My mother had 6 kids and siblings kick ass...literally, my siblings will kick your ass for messing with one of the others; but that's neither here nor there. I'm the mother to at least 250 kids! They would have to also love my library kids and understand why I do the things that I do for them .

Must be willing and able to assist me in my endeavors! 
I'm am for real about Simply Unique and Diva's Connection. Either get off the bus have a seat and enjoy the ride. I need him in a "I Support Diva's Connection" t-shirt.

Must be good with budgeting. 
Because I'm not!

Must have a sense of humor. 
I be laughing at shit that shouldn't even be funny....but I make it funny. Any guy that is going to be the love of my life must be able to make me laugh. I will fall completely for a guy who can make me laugh...especially when I really don't feel like it.

Must have FEASIBLE goals.
I don't want you to just have goals. I need you to have obtainable goals. Don't be 45 talking about you want to be the next 2 Chains. Don't be talking about investing and you don't have any money. My husband will be the leader of the household and I can't follow a dummy. What we look like be lost at the same time?

Must accept me as I am. 
I do want to lose weight. I want to be healthy but I'll be the same person then as I am now. Take it or leave it!


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