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10 Things That Make Me Happy

In an effort to write more and post more on my blog (once again) I am going to start sharing writing prompts on my Facebook page. I'm sharing them with my friends because I truly believe in the calming power of writing and if I can encourage just one person to write then I've done my job. So here you have it' 10 Things That Make Me Happy: In No Particular Order 

Motherhood. Without out a single ounce of exaggeration, I live for my kids. I am consistently plagued with feelings of loathing and self doubt but I know that I brought these little people into the world and that I'm responsible for them. Because I feel that I have the responsibility to put on a brave face for so many other people no one will every fully understand the demons I fight on a regular basis. My children are my protectors. If it weren't for them I would have lost my battle to at least one a long time ago. 

Creating. Ya'll know I love to craft. My love for craft gives me a sense of accomplishment, it is calming and and it provides an additional source of income for my family. 

Planning. I'm forever late and I usually end up procrastinating anyway; but I love planning; making list and forms and all other types of dorky shit that I don't follow. 

Library Kids. I've been fortunate in having a job that has allowed me to touch so many people's lives. I am always overjoyed when former library kids come back to visit me or when I see them elsewhere and they tell me that I've had an impact on their lives. 

Helping explanation. I do things for other people because it gives me purpose and then I feel guilty because that's so selfish. 

Mexican Food...I don't know if it's because my name is Latina or what but I gets down on some Mexican food. From the fake Taco Bell to the amazing Marta Pena. #YasssssHuntie 

Family. No, not the same as my kids. I mean my mom, my siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins...the whole 9...or 999 in the case of my family! Love Y'all. 

Babies. If you know me at all you know I loves me some babies! Bring 'em all to me. #SnoogumBuggoms

Spending time with myself. I like to be alone with my thoughts. I hardly ever am...but the thought is nice. 

Socializing. At times I can't stand people but most of the time I like networking and connecting...but once we make that connection leave me alone...I can't be bothered boo boo. 

Please share 10 things that make you happy. A list with no explanations is fine. 

Latina R. Sheard


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