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Week In Review

So I'm in Texas for a little Rest & Relaxation. I'll be here until my BFF gets married October 6, at which time I will return to Little Rock (hopefully via my new vehicle) to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.

I am actually on a 2-4 month leave from my job so I'll still have at least 1 more month off to get my mind right. That's an entirely different post tho.

Anyway - back to my crazy week  in review:

Sunday:This is the day I flew from Little Rock to Dallas. My Male BFF drove me to the airport and he's was just great as usual. Anyway. I knew I had a lot of baggage but I didn't know that there is a weight limit when flying with Southwest Airlines  - My bag was 21 lbs over the allotted $50 lbs so I had to pay an additional $50 in my hard earned cash right there on the spot.

Once I landed in the D - I had a hard time finding my big ass bags because nobody explained to me that they wouldn't be on the regular baggage claim whirl-a-twirl so I sat there like a dummy waiting for my bags until I happened to spy it in the 'oversize luggage' area. Once I retrieved my luggage I realized my phone died but I figured my sister would be there to pick me up because I told her I was just waiting on my bags. Well I sat and I sat and I sat and I sat and then I came to the conclusion that she was waiting on me to call her so I walked around and around looking for an outlet to give my phone some juice (luckily I always keep my charger in my purse and not packed in my luggage). I finally found an outlet and just as I was going back to get my big bag - the lady sitting next to the seat next to the outlet, sees her boyfriend approaching and so they start kissing way to much for a public performance. I am waiting for them to finish when he drops to one knee and proposes - I know I know ooooh - but at that moment I just wanted them to get there happy go lucky asses out of my way. After a round of clapping and another round of light porn the finally moved and I was able to charge my phone, call my sister, get picked up, get to the house, see my little people and enjoy my airport Cinnabon.

Tuesday Night I somehow came across Part 2 of the Love and Hip Hop ATL Reunion. Now, I don't watch this show because I attempted to once but I honestly need a translator - them people from ATL speak a whole nother language. Anyway- I'm so confused as to how or why black people have my FB and Twitter timeline ablaze when this trash comes on! Here's what I learned after watching this 1 episode of this show.

1. I'm convinced that racism is still alive because somebody, somewhere has to have it in for black folk if this is allowed to air. There is no positivity what so EVER.

2. There has to be a serious, serious man drought when a real life Master Splinter can have a wife and a side piece who on some level accept the fact that he has a wife and a side piece. I mean really? He's not cute and he can't really be balling because he admitted that he didn't have a car while the show was filming. Then he talked to them just so rude and disrespectful.

3. Erica. Come on boo! Are you really going to marry Scrappy when his proposal contained the phrase 'is you' and the word 'nigga'? Are you excited about this? Damn the fact that y'all have a daughter together and forget whatever y'all have been through. When is enough enough? And he is still claiming Bucky/Shay as his best friend which means he'll still be messing around with here in the future.

4. Mama Dee can't spell and has no self respecct at all. In that order.

5. In my opinion, the creator/produce of this garbage is a sell out.

Then I also happened across a couple episodes of T.I. & Tiny: A Family Hustle and all I want to know is what dirt does Tiny have on TIP? I'm not saying it's all about looks but that is one unattractive, oddly shaped ass having, ghetto weave wearing child. And she keeps doing shit to herself to get uglier and uglier. And she proved time and time again on the first season that she's not the brightest light bulb in the box.

Then Thursday I listened to PRESIDENT Obama speak and fell in love with him all over again. I know Michelle is SPRUNG. Q: What's sexier than a smart AND powerful AND attractive black man? A: Not Shit. Please, Please, Please register to vote people. Your life and the livelihood of yourself and the next generations depend on it! There is no excuse and I'll go so far as to say I don't care who you vote for ---AS LONG AS YOU VOTE! But please believe I'm for OBAMA! Let's continue to support much needed change. It's in our hands so let's Barack the Vote!

Also on Thursday there was the MTV VMA's. What can I say about that. Nicki Minaj looked a mess as usual. Rihanna was hot as usual. She's just so gorge to me. I don't think Kevin Hart that a good or bad job hosting. I was expecting for him to make me laugh more but eh welp.

The best way for me to describe my feelings about the show is in questions - which I hope y'all can answer. (Yes I say y'all because even though I only have 2 followers my blog is hella read DAILY - FINALLY)

1. How old is 2 Chainz and was he not hot on the red carpet?

2. Has Lil Wayne changed drawers in the last couple of weeks? I've seen him often in those camouflage Truck Fit underoos.

3. Did I see 2 Chainz slide across the stage on Weezy Wee's skateboard? If so, was that planned?

4. Is it really any of our business if Rihanna and Breezy get back together? And why does everybody keep forgetting about his girlfriend, the 'model', Karrueche Tran?

5. Isn't the friendship between Rihanna and Katy Perry cute?

6. WTF did Drake have on? I think he moves weight on the low. He dresses like a low-key mob boss.

7. Also, did y'all see the look in that dudes eyes when Rihanna performed. What the hell did she do to him?

8. Am I the only person who thinks Miley Cyrus has finally come into her own and no longer looks like trailer park trash?

9. Why did Kanye do promos for the awards but wasn't there?

10. Did Wiz and AmberRose think they would get the same hype as Beyonce and Jay-Z when they revealed her pregnancy at the awards? #fail



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