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Let Me Tell Y'all about This Jackass!

Don't Get Caught Slippin'
Okay so I met this guy, we’ll call him John – because that’s his name (no I’m not scared and yes I will put you out there)  Anyway John and I talked for a  few weeks, maybe a month; just texting after the initial exchange of numbers. Not dates, no sex, no pressure, nothing serious. This was back in maybe September of last year. After this kind of died off for whatever reason (I don’t know I wasn’t pressed because I met someone else who I liked better and started dating him) I didn’t even think about John even though I thought he was a rather cool guy.
Well, fast forward to February 2013, and in comes a text from John. By this time I was talking to the other guy or anyone for that matter so I was like oh cool, here’s a text from John. And because I’m a G I’m going to give y’all the entire transcript ….well, the important parts. Check it:
Him: Hey Latina
Me: Who is this?
Him: John, we met…….
Me: Oh, What’s up? Long time no hear from. How are you?
Him: I know, I’m sorry, just been working, church and home. How have you been?
Flirtatious texts follow.
Me: So are you still single?
Him: Yes, been dating a lil tho, how about you?
Okay so we go on and one like this for about a week. Then he starts texting me about meeting up and how he would treat me if I was his girl. I don’t catch any kind of feelings from words. SHOW ME! So I’m like yadda yadda yadda whatever. Fast forward to February 14.
He texts me Happy Valentine’s Day – I respond with Ditto do you have plans and he says “No, I’m at home alone as usual” We proceed to talk about how we should have went on a date that day but I’m like the day is over soooooooo plus he’s wants to know if we would go ALL THE WAY had we went out that day. Ummm nigga no! I don’t KNOW YOU! And I’m increasing suspect by the fact that you keep talking about doing strange shit to me when you don’t even KNOW me plus your text message signature contains the word God and your strong belief in I him and you’re always talking about how deeply involved in church you are. So I may get a text from him that reads “Do you think you would like it if I [insert some freakishly ungodly shit here] ----God’s Favor. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! I know you may have been raised to believe that church and state don’t mix but truthfully church and crazy kinky sex proposals don’t mix.  Anyway TWO days later he sends a text that reads….”I’m with someone, I have a fiancé. I won’t be communicating with you any longer!!!!! {God’s Favor}.
What in all hell is wrong with males these days? First off, where the hell was this chick just 2 days ago, on Valentine’s Day when you were offering to….never mind. But seriously, did y’all just get engaged or were you engaged the entire time though you didn’t give her the gift of your fidelity on Valentine’s Day you decided that on the 16th she’d earned it. Then there’s the fact that you don’t have to tell me that you will not be communicating with me any longer. I   think I’m smart enough to have figured that out after you didn’t communicate with me anymore. After all, I wasn’t pursuing you – you were doing all the work. I thought your slick ass was weird and I still do. And in case you’re wondering I responded with “k”


  1. There are so many weirdos out here! Im starting to really wonder where all the good man are! I mean its really un-real how some of them act! This is a prime example of why there are so many single women, and it makes you feel almost bad for the ones that are attached or married. Like girl do you know what kinda of fool you got! Lol

  2. Guys don't seem to understand the meaning of 1 in hand is better than 2 in the bush. Don't be out here risking what you have at the prospect of getting something better or extra. if you don't like where you are LEAVE. Don't play around with people's emotions because your girl or the side chick might cut you! Thanks for commenting.


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