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What's Yours?

Because I despise chain letters of any form but LOVE these types of 20 Questions/Ice Break Games, here's mine! 

What's Yours?

Age: 35
Birthday: February 1st 

Relationship status: Perpetually Single
Biggest fear: Being wrong about everything I believe to be right. 
Dream Job: My Own Business #BossShit
Dream Car: While Kids are still kids? Chevy Tahoe/ Once they are grown and gone? Beamer
Dream House: Room for my kids to come stay, room for my creativity, bangin kitchen, banging back yard where I can both entertain and relax. 

Artist: T.I. 
Movie: Brown Sugar.....#Man
Song: I love music so that's like asking a mother to pick a favorite child. I don't even have a fave genre
TV series: Currently? Can't miss Nashville
Animal: Mankind
Book: Man Trouble....Because I fucking wrote it! #Boom
Color: Purple 

Twitter or facebook: Facebook
Snapchat or Instagram: Instagram...WTF is Snapchat? 
Pandora or Youtube: Youtube
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Tea or Coffee: Tea
Tacos or Pizza: Damnit! Tacos I guess.
Winter or summer: Summer

Have Kids: More? If he hurries. 
Swim with sharks: And mess up my twist out? #ByeFelecia
Daredevil Stunts: And risk messing up my cuteness? #TakeFelipeWithYou
Jump out of a Heilcopter: ....

I Nominate: All y'all... Tag me in your FB posts or just answer in the comments!. 


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