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Why Do Married People Cheat?

So this website exists.... Like why? Why do married people cheat? I find it hard to believe that they won't get a divorce for biblical or moral reasons because aren't you cheating? In my age group it seems like for every 10 married people I know 7 of them have cheated. Why? When divorce is an option. Do you really think your mate respects you NOT divorcing them but continuing to cheat? HELL NO! I've heard from some guys that it is for financial reasons. Like "she makes more money and we've created this lifestyle" Or if I divorce her I'll have yet another child support case and my pockets can't afford it" OR "I'm staying to my kids get old enough" Old enough for what? Are children ever happy to find out their parents are divorcing? At what age do you no longer care if your parents no longer love each other? GTFOHWTBS!!!!Listen children are not stupid. They no that you and the other person don't love each other anymore. They hear the fighting. They notice when one of you slams the pepper down so hard at dinner that the entire table shakes. Just stop. Make everyone happy by just leaving because trust me no one will understand your 'reasons' for stepping outside of your relationship. It will only leave heartache and pain. It's okay to grow as a person. It's okay to open your eyes and realize you no longer feel the same way about somebody. Of course, I've never been married so I don't REALLY KNOW. I'm just guessing that walking away is easier than being miserable and hurting a bunch of folk.

What is your experience with cheating?


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