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My Issue With Scandal

Scandal (TV show)
I do not own this photo. Understand?
  Every Thursday night my Twitter feed and Facebook Timeline is basically raped and murdered by tweets and posts about the ABC show Scandal created by Shonda Rimes and starring Kerry Washington and Columbus Short. 

     Now before I go any further - I want it to be understood that I LIKE the show. I'm a watcher, a follower even. I try to keep up with each weeks episode and I even anticipate what's going to happen next. However, I haven't caught the fever and gone completely bat shit crazy like everyone else seems to have done. I mean last night I even saw an Instagram post about the show. I mean really? All three of my fave social networking sites have now been victimized by the craze.

     I just don't see what all the hype is about. First off, the show is beyond unrealistic. On last night's episode the girl that set Huck up was committing all kinds of security breaches on the White House grounds and we all know that in real life she probably would have had a bullet to the head before she even made it onto Pennsylvania Avenue.

      My second point needs to be prepped with the fact that I understand that Shonda Rimes and Kerry Washington are both African American females who have obviously accomplished a lot including being apart of a drama that airs on a major network on a weekly basis. I both understand and applaud that but I have a hard time understanding what makes this representation of African Americans on television any better than those of Real Housewives or Basketball wives fame.
     Let's be honest people; the best way to sum up Olivia Pope is that she's a mob boss and a whore. She breaks the law, calls in favors and manipulates people so that her clients can get out of nasty situations. Sometimes, her clients are guilty as hell but she covers their asses for the cash. Defending them doesn't make her a bad person but her tactics are less than professional or admirable. Then let's not forget about the fact that she is bedding a married man. One whom she broke the law in order to get into office.

    I have a third point that has to do with the overacting and mouth placement/positioning of the lead actress but I shall digress in fear of making this post seem petty.   

    Anyway - those are my thoughts...what do you guys think of the show?


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