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Buy the Cow or Nawl?


The old saying warns us “He’s not going to buy the cow, if you give him the milk for free”. And while I’ve seen this proven on numerous occasions, it seems to me that a new saying would better describe dating in today’s world. How about “Men would rather drink substandard milk, than invest the proper time and effort in a good decent breed of cow” In case you can’t decipher that let me explain. I’ve watched guys settle for and then later listened to them complain about women in their lives who have disappointed them to say the least.

For example, I have a male friend who by all accounts is a solid guy. He’s attractive, god fearing, educated, humorous, hard working and genuinely caring. But when it comes to choosing a girl can’t help but assume he’s got more than one screw loose. I remember him once telling me about a woman he was dating and why he had to let her go.

The conversation went something like this:
“So why did you two break-up?”
“She couldn’t tell me what she as bringing to the table. She was aware of what I was offering but couldn’t tell me about her offerings”
“But you dated for several months right”
“She’s working jobs instead of finding a career and she lives with her momma”
“Oh, did you just find that out?”
“No, I knew”
“So why were you dating her in the first place?”
“Because she has a fat ass”
“Okay.  I’ll talk to you later.”

     I didn’t then and I don’t now have the energy to tackle the task of finding any logic behind his way of thinking but will say this, I’m willing to bet good money that he choose her not because of her fat ass but because of the lack of a challenge she resented for him. She saw all he had to offer and he is indeed a handsome packaged, so she went all in leaving little, if any, work to be done on his part. I bet he  even realize that he took the easy way out.

     Bottom line, men will do what you let them and if for every 1 women who demands to be wooed, respected, provided for and treated like a lady, there are 9 fat assed only heifers willing to “spread their hips” for no fucks given then basically real women are losing and hoes be winning.



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