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Weight Loss Woes: January Check-In

           So I'm still attempting to lose weight. I'm motivated but I'm not motivated. I can eat healthy or at least within my calorie range (thanks to MyFitnessPal) it's just the motivation to do exercise that's holding me back. Simply watching my caloric intake has helped maintain my current weight and even manage to shed a few pounds so I know that introducing exercise will really give me the push I need.

          I really like to walk, but with it being winter time and my work schedule being 9-6 I don't really have time. It doesn't get light earlier enough for me to feel safe walking in the morning and have enough time to get dressed for work on time and it doesn't stay light long enough for me to walk after work.  I need to just focus and get going doing something.
        Not having a car has hampered me some too because I can't go to a gym or to the Big Dam Bridge where there would be people after work. I think I'm going to give walk aerobics a try, but I've been a little self conscious since I recently moved to an upstairs apartment. (silly I know).

        Anyway - the thing that is making me happy right now is that when I first signed up for MFP I was 20 lbs lighter than I was the second time I decided to use my account. So even thought I've lost 15lbs, it only registered that I've lost 0 I have to go beyond that 20 lbs I gained before it will look like I've made any achievements which was a downer at first but since I'm so close right now it's become a challenge that I'm determined to overcome.

         I am so close to 300 lbs it's literally depressing. I never thought I would see this side of 200 and I carry weight differently. I'm a solid girl. Even nurses who weight people everyday use to guesstimate me at 160-180 when I was actually 220. I guess because of that I was never concerned and then once I realized that things were out of hand I felt helpless. I can't believe I'm sharing all this with on the net but you know what - this gives me accountability. I can't wait until that little ticker to the right starts moving in the right direction.

Much love and God bless. Do any of you have a story to share or any dieting and or fitness tips? Also, if you're not on My Fitness Pal - sign up! It's an awesome tool. My user name is latinarenee - let's support one another.


  1. I can sympathize with your weight woes. And since you’ve been so brave in sharing your story, I’ll reciprocate.

    My weight is a bit over the 250 mark – the heaviest I’ve been in life. Once I analyzed my current weight, I realized that I’ve gained 100 pounds in the past 8 years. Yikes! On top of that, my recent doctor’s appointment revealed that I’m pre-diabetic and have high cholesterol. Did I mention that I’m already taking meds for hypertension? My love for food is leading me to any early grave.

    My weight is also impeding on my quality of life. Simple, daily activities are becoming more difficult for me to perform. Yes, I enjoy getting pedicures. But these days, I do it more so because I can’t reach my toenails to clip and paint them myself. I get winded just by drying off after taking a shower. The list goes on and on…

    Last week, I started (or should I say re-started) Weight Watchers. I’m more determined now that ever. There are so many things that I want to see and do before this life ends. And by the grace of God, I’d much rather die at 80 than 40.

    So, here’s to hoping that 2013 is the last year that losing weight is on both our lists of new year’s resolutions!


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