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  So the other night I was scrolling down my Instagram feed when I saw a picture of Beyonce and what some are calling her 'new style'. I personally think she looks cute and way less toned down. If you know me then you know that for years I have felt that Beyonce is Take It or Leave It. I like some of her music (Countdown) and on some of it I think she yells too damn much (Ring the Alarm). At times she seems sweet and very down to earth while at others I find  her to be almost Stepford Wife like . Either way - I'm not a stan but I'm def not a Beyonce hater. However, my feelings towards her have nothing to do with this post so ... yeah.

     Anyway, a fellow follower commented something along the lines of "Stop trying to change your image, we love you just the way you are" (I scrolled and scrolled but could not relocated the direct quote. Had I known it would be a blog post topic, I would've screen shot it right then. WELP.)
     Now, I don't if Beyonce is in fact trying to change here image (peep the pic above) or not but this comment got me to wondering. So fucking what if she is? This woman has been in the public eye for most of her life and all of her adult life! It is highly possible that if there is a change, maybe this is who she really is and she doesn't care what others think anymore. Or maybe - just maybe; getting married and becoming a mother has changed her. Why do fans think they have a right to dictate celebrities lives and why do people feel that if you make a change you are trying to be  'brand new'?

     Even if you are trying to be 'brand new' what's the harm in that? When a person changes that first day of change is most likely a complete turn around from the person they were the day before. And in my opinion there is no harm in that?

What's your opinion. Why do people feel like it's so wrong for celebrities or even people like me and you to change?


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