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Why So Literal Girl?!

Over the years  I have learned that  I am a very literal girl. I mean very very VERY literal. I'm so literal that sometimes I end up getting hurt. I mean emotionally and I'm sure that I miss out on opportunities simply because I can't pick up on clues. I am going to share with you guys a very very embarrassing example of how literal/simple minded I am.

Okay - in high school there was this fellow classmate whom I'd known since 7th grade but had not thought much about. I mean I knew he existed, how couldn't I - lots of girls thought he was cute and I guess he fairly popular (light skin was in then) - especially compared to me who was extremely --------GASP ------ shy. True story.

Anyway lets fast forward. Now, before  I finish telling this, let me tell you that  I didn't (still don't) have much 'dating' experience. Whew, okay now that that's out of the way, let me tell you suddenly this guy started coming to my locker everyday and asking to borrow paper and pens and pencils. Because I was a nerd, after a few weeks, I'd created a small area in my locker to store his 'stuff''.

One day I happened to look into the tablet, I was letting him use and saw where he'd written over and over again "Jason <3's Latina" and "Latina-N-Jason" and while I knew what this meant, I had no idea what it meant and as I turned to my friend Zykina and asked her with tons of sincerity "Why would he write this?" She basically thumped me on the forehead.

At that moment it clicked - Maybe he's writing this for the same reasons that he walks me to my bus after school or to class or even duh - asked for my number. Maybe he likes you idiot.

My mind works in a way were I have to hear the actual words come out of people's mouths.

"Latina, I like you."
"Latina, I don't like you."
"Latina, I think you're adorable."
"Latina, I would like to hold you in my arms, softly caress you and......."

I think people are my friends until they prove to be otherwise. I think people are smart until they do something stupid and I think that everyone is a good employee until they convince them to fire me.

So at 32 years old I still don't know if a guy is calling because he likes me and there is this one particular person who I simply CANNOT read!!!!! I guess we're friends and I try not to be too pushy and be coy with the boy but I want him to just call me and SAY IT!

Do guys worry about these kind of things?  Is it possible that I'm being too aloof and he things I would reject him because I'm not responding to the 'hints' . I'm afraid I'm going to die alone simply because I can't read clues.



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