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Online Dating: Facebook?

So I've decided to online date. I use the term date very loosely because I've only been on three dates with people I've met online and both of those were over a year ago. Now, I get my fair share of  'say there shorties' from the fellas I meet in person but I do go many places too often. My life mostly consists of work, target and home.

Let's explore Facebook as a dating & mating site shall we?

Though Facebook is not 'advertised' as a 'dating' website, let's face it, we've all scrolled across a hottie or two in the 'People You May Know' stream and wish we had the nerve to virtually flirt. Well some of us are just that brave. I'm not. But some people are. Now I have had some success in Facebook dating in the aspect that I did connect with someone that I met on FB. The problem with FB though is that people usually happen across your profile because they know someone who knows someone who knows you. And while I wish there were, there were NOT that many degrees of separation between me and the fruitcake I met on FB. When he first contacted me, he'd also contacted a co-worker of mine and we quickly put two and two together and found out that not only was he linked to both of us that way but he was also linked to yet ANOTHER former co-worker in a way that should have been a big ass flashing read light for me to NOT deal with him at all. But did I listen? Of course not. And let me go ahead and be honest here, 65% of the reason I eventually began a sick and twisted relationship with him was due to curiosity (I'm a librarian by trade and I have a habit of having to know things up until the point that it hurts people. Mainly Me). 15% was due to sheer boredom (idle minds) and the other 20% was due to the fact that he had dimples (say what you want - but guys with dimples are super freaking adorable - I'm just a mere girl - I cannot resist).

Anyway - After his first initial message on Facebook, I ran into him not once, not twice but three times in two different places and all three times he tried to get at me. Now- You would have to ask my friends about my courting rituals to get a full understanding but it basically consists of me being adorable and people falling for it. The odd thing is that I use the exact same tactic rather I really like a guy or if I'm just  in the mood to make a guy think I like him. In his case I kinda sorta maybe really liked him in a maybe sorta kinda way.

Plus I partially felt like a third party was fucking with me and as our 'relationship' has always been, I thought it would be super if I delivered a stellar performance of fucking with him right back. Anyway - I got with him and he was actually cool. That is, when he wasn't being an asshole. Either way - I did find out what I needed to know and the price was HIGH. I don't think I'll ever get those 6 months back but I can honestly say I walked away from the train wreck with some peace of mind and the ability to shoot the deuces and a well manicured middle finger to a past situation that I am neither proud nor ashamed of.

He was a nice enough guy with some issues that plague many of our African American men and had he not been so suspicious of my intentions with his so called fragile soul I would have continued to talk to him but there were way too many red flags for this one particular situation because of the so few degrees of separation. I actually didn't begin the investigative part of my study until after I realized that I couldn't really date him so see, I'm not a total jerk.

So would I recommend FB for dating? Of course, it's like all 356,795,565 of your closest friends can set you up with people they know people who know. And if you scroll across a cutie or a cutie scrolls across you, you can simply ask around within your FB pals and get a little bit of the 411 on the brother/sister. Plus there are pictures of every single situation they have been in since they opened their Facebook account. You can possibly find out where they live, work and play with just a couple of clicks. There are lots of lies on Facebook but most normal people have accurate information on their page.

Always use caution when dating PERIOD and especially when dating online.

Next week - I'll tell you all about my adventures with Badoo.

P.S. There is a guy I accepted a friend request from that makes my soul shiver every time I see an update from him. He's my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram crush! Hey boo.

Anyway - have you hooked up with anyone you met on Facebook? Tell us about it girl! Also, don't forget to subscribe (to the right to the right) and follow me on Twitter @latinarenee



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