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Omnitrition: Phase 2 Day 1

Even though I ate....a lot....a little part of me feels like I didn't load properly because I would still get hungry in between pig outs. But because I feel sick and I've already gained 5 pounds I'm going ahead and starting Phase 2 or P2 (a very low calorie diet) today. In P2, what you can eat is very limited and the meal plan is 500 calories a day. I personally feel like that is waaaaay too few calories and I've been researching ways around that. What I've found is that you can actually do 800 calories a day and still lose weight. It won't be as dramatic as the 500 calorie a day diet but still. So I have the 800 calorie plan in my back pocket just in case. I'm hoping to drop that gained 5 pounds in the first week. P2 lasts for 21 days/ 3 weeks.

The meals on this plan are very simple. Last night I prepared 4 very unexciting meals of 4 oz of chicken breast and 4 oz of spinach for both lunch and dinner today and tomorrow. Today I also brought and orange and an apple. I'm allergic to raw apples so I sliced it and added cinnamon and Stevia (the only sweetener allowed on the diet) and I plan to cook/warm it in the microwave as a snack today. I can't wait to weigh myself in the morning because this mornings weigh in was depressing.

Oh, if I do the 800 calories - I'll just add a 3rd meal but no extra fruit.

Latina Renee


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