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Omnitriton Phase 2 Days 4, 5 and 6

EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! The weekend was BAD. I may have cheated......just a little though. I haven't gained any weight back but I didn't lose any either. There's a silver lining to me getting off track... I DID NOT GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK. Not one single ounce. So that tells me that when I get to my goal weight maintaining should be easy. I debated starting over again but loading makes me feel so gross I didn't want to re-do it so soon. I made up for it tonight by making taco salad for my kids and only eating my Phase 2 version. No cheese, No sour cream Who knew my willpower was so strong?

I will post a pic of it later but I basically had

4 oz. of 93% lean ground beef
1 oz. of onions
1 oz. of lettuce
2 oz. of tomatoes
some jalapeƱos and
2 multigrain wasa crackers

It wasn't terrible and I got full after eating half.

Still down 7

Latina Renee


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