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Omnitrition: Phase 2 DAY?????

Unfortunately, I am failing miserably. Dieting is so much of a mental war for me that I've convinced myself that there's no point. I'm not saying I quit but I have cheated. After doing P2 faithfully for 2 weeks I was down 12-14 lbs (for some reason there was fluctuation) I stalled there the entire third week. There was no change at all. I was hungry, irritable and depressed. So I cheated. Because what's the point in doing all of that suffering for nothing? I felt so bad. I ate bread and I didn't even like it. I felt sick. Being trapped inside of my apartment due to ice and snow didn't help so I ended up eating a few Girl Scout cookies. Bread has never been a vice for me but sweets, cookies, cakes, pies, THOSE are my vices. I didn't go over board but I definitely cheated. Now I don't know what to do. I've disappointed myself and other people. Why can't I be a BIG responder? Why can't I lose 10 lbs in a week's time? Why can't I LOVE the taste of spinach? Why can't I be the right kind of loser?

Now I wonder if I should just start over? I don't want to quit. I believe in the Omnitrition brand because I KNOW people that it is working for. What is wrong with me? I don't like being fat, tired all of the time or unhealthy yet I can't seem to win this battle. I pride myself on being able to do absolutely any and everything I put my mind to so this really bothers me. Start a blog...check. Write a book...check. Take a computer apart, fix it and put it back together perfectly...check. Get a cosmetology license...check. lose weight and keep it off...................X - YOU LOSE!

I'm gong to take the weekend to research and decide what I need to do. I dislike myself a lot at this moment. I will keep you guy's posted. I'm still down 10lbs though so ...that's something I guess.



  1. Hey girl! Came across your blog while searching for Omni pics on IG....looking for inspiration/motivation. I'm on R1P2D1...and its hard. I'm only hoping as the days go on it gets easier. Seeing others results and hard work pay off is definitely helpful. I was thinking of starting a blog myself to help keep me in check So I can re-read how I felt when I did something good and also how it made me feel to cheat.
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know you got someone out here reading your blog for inspiration! 10 lbs is amazing. You already did that. Just thinking of what you can do if you stick with what you have done. Maybe each week make a little improvement over what you did the week before. Eventually, all those little improvments will add up to a BIG improvement and a lifestyle change.
    Get back in there with me! :)


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