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Omnitrition Phase 2 Day 3

I'm down another 2 lbs. If I lose 1 more lb I'll be at a milestone that I'll share with you when it happens. I'm hoping to look up some recipes and spice up the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) this weekend. If I come across something delicious I'll be sure to share it here. I can control myself at work for the most part even though there's temptation all over the place here. The real victory will be if I manage this weekend.

Oh  and my Nite Lite (Omnitrition Nighttime formula) which supposedly helps you rest better and causes you to lose lbs while you sleep came in along with my Omnitrition Hair & Nails. I'm excited to add these to my routine this weekend. I do not believe that I will have to use ALL of the Omni products to lose weight. I will probably try them all because I'm a distributor and I would like to know the products I sell but I'm not in it for the extra cash. If it comes it comes. More importantly I need a jump start. I need to shed some lbs and this programs allows me to go in cycles. So after cycle one I can try to maintain. if I feel like I can't I can do another cycle or try something else. I'll keep you posted.

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