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Unfinished Business

The closure principle is a Gestalt principle of perceptual organization, stating that we see incomplete figures as complete figures, by closing up or ignoring gaps. An example of this is seeing an incomplete circle, but perceiving it as a complete circle despite it having a gap figure.

I came across this site when looking for a picture to illustrate my thoughts.

The trouble with things been left undone is ...well...they're undone. It's very hard to move on from relationships that you feel like have not reached closure. It's like an unclosed circle. When it's not finished, when the ends do not meet things can always be put in or taken away from the experience. Sure you can place a covering over the opening in hopes of keeping the good memories in and the insecurities out but there's always something that can come along and rip that covering off and the good and the bad and the true and false will be allowed to mix and mingle in your mind. Of course, you can always just forget about. At least try to forget about in hopes that it will go away but does it really? For me it doesn't. I'm always wondering if I'm misremembering something. Like if all this awesomeness happened why didn't it work out and were the things that pulled apart really all that bad? Did I give it my all? Was he, is he really a jerk? Am I really a bitch? If he's such a jerk why are there so many memories of us being extremely happy together? What's real? What's fake? What, rather good or bad belongs in the circle and what needs to be tossed out. Is it even possible to go back and complete the circle now that it's possibly full of junk? I don't have the answers just yet but I'm determined to figure this all out. I find myself not being able to start on a new circle with this broken circle floating around in my mind and my heart. That's crazy right? Sigh! Why are things so difficult? How can I finish something when I don't really know how it started or why I allowed it to keep growing?

How do you handle moving on from 'unfinished' relationships? Just forget it? Get a new boo? Go back and give it another try? 

Latina Renee


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